SolidCAM台灣總代理 廣來科技有限公司
Tabletop rotary sealer (horizontal)
  • Humanization design, easy control and use.
  • Sealing temperature adjustable
  • Height of conveyor adjusted ( 0 - 50mm)
  • Lateral of conveyor adjusted ( 0 – 40mm)
  • Loading weight of conveyor: 1kg
  • Available for PE, PP, vacuum bag, aluminum bag, tin-foil bag…etc
  • Ideal for factory production
  • Application: Frozen food, vegetable, agricultural commodity, bakery, hardware, electrical parts…etc.
  • Heavy duty vacuum sealing machine with high quality.
  • Warranty provided.
  • Place of manufacture: Taiwan.
Band sealing machine:
 Model No.  UC-900
 Voltage   1 phase  100V, 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V
 Sealing width  5mm, 10mm
 Sealing speed  Fix, 8M / minute
 Max. sealing margin  35mm ( from sealing line )
 Available bag size  Max. Length 300mm, width 300mm
 Available bag thickness  30um ~ 250um (total: 60um – 500um)
 Conveyor width  200mm
 Loading weight  1 kg
 Machine size  105 x 52 x 39 cm
 Housing material  Steel with powder coating
Function options:
  • Packing counter
  • Speed adjusted
  • Date coding (MFG, EXP, LOT)
  • Outer housing: Stainless steel