SolidCAM台灣總代理 廣來科技有限公司
Coffee valve applicator
  • Industrial grade small sealing machine for one way degassing valve.
  • Sealing temperature adjustable for different material of coffee valves.
  • Size custom-made: coffee valve seat.
  • Ideal for aluminum coffee bag, vacuum NY bag.
  • Warranty provided.
  • Air compressor needed: 5-6kgs/cm2
  • Place of manufacture: Taiwan.
Coffee valves sealing machine:
 Model No.  EV-01  EV-02
 Voltage  1 phase 110V, 220V  1 phase 110V, 220V
 Sealing temperature  50 - 300℃  50 - 300℃
 Size of hold-in bar  70x200 ( W x L)  70x340 ( W x L)
 Weight  11.5 kgs  15 kgs
 Dimension  340 x 270 x 450 mm  490 x 270 x 450 mm
 Housing material  Steel with coating  Steel with coating
Machine could be custom-made to meet various coffee degassing valves.