SolidCAM台灣總代理 廣來科技有限公司
Chamber vacuum sealer (76cm)
  • Heavy duty vacuum sealing machine.
  • Stainless steel outer housing with transparent lid.
  • PCB adjustable device: vacuum time, sealing time, cooling time
  • Suitable for vacuum bag, aluminum bag, tin-foil bag
  • Ideal for factory, large-capacity production
  • Warranty provided
  • Place of manufacture: Taiwan
Chamber vacuum sealer specification:
 Model No.  UV-760A  UV-760B
 Voltage  1 phase 220V  1 phase 220V
 Max. sealing  760 x 5mm x2  650 x 5mm x 1
 450 x 5mm x 2
 Chamber size  780 x 470 x 140mm  780 x 470 x 140mm
 Pump / capacity  Oil type , 400L (min.)  Oil type , 400L (min.)
 Weight  165 kgs  165 kgs
 Dimension  930 x 680 x 920 mm  930 x 680 x 920 mm
 Housing material  Stainless steel  Stainless steel
Machines are available for liquid and powder article.
Function options:
  • Double sealing line: increase production capacity.
  • Filter advice (used in powder article)
  • Gas flushing